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Salesman and Merchandiser application installation


For installing MeriSofti Android version you need to do the following things :

1.         Change your Android locale to your Current locale 
Settings → Language & Keyboard → Select Language (Your country)
 if local Language is not present use ENGLISH
2.         Android must have active Internet Connection . Conncetion APN must be set to "INTERNET ".
     Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
      or  Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
       need to select the one has "internet" mentioned.
3.         Setup android owner`s e-mail.
4.         On Android you need to allow install NONMARKET aps .
Settings-> Security -> Unknown Sources  - mark checkbox
5.     Open on Android Internet Browser ->
    downloading will start and you need to click on file to install it 
    Aplication installed is "Barcode reader" .
6.         Run "Barcode reader" .

 • show camera QR-Code

•           Select→ Open Browser.
•           File SalesModule.apk will be downloaded
•           Click on file for installation
IF YOU LOOK THIS PAGE on Android click HERE to install directly
7.       Send to smartphone owner email with needed properties file .
8.        Open email programme and "save" received properties fail and  your zip datafile.
•           second way to add setting file is to copy it to sdcard  (no catalogue)
9.         Open the application  

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  • `It is a company that meets the deadlines and keeps its promises.`
    Marius Dromantas

    Marius Dromantas

    AB "Žemaitijos pienas" Director of Logistics

  • `When I arrived in the office in 2002, on my first working day with the Viciunai Group, I found Aivar Merisalu was already there.Long-term cooperation continues today. Merisoft-everything just works! `
    Urmas Karnö

    Urmas Karnö

    OÜ "VIČIUNAI BALTIC" Managing director

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    Jano Järvelaid

    Jano Järvelaid

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    Merle Peters

    Merle Peters

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