Briefly about Merisoft

Our motto is:

New ideas for Your business


Maintaining the exhibition and placing of goods with the help of phone application. Reporting.
Companies operating in the retail trade, willing to look at the real-time market and price changes in consumer habits, inventory levels and layout of goods on the shelves.This is the proper instrument for your team.

"The Mercandiser"  has:

questionaires and forms
campaign-Action information
"out Of Stock" marking
product stocks
"in Stock"  marking
customer information
making integrated photos
history of orders
GPS tracking
customer price information
six different languages










"The Merchandiser"  list of functionalities 


"The Merchandiser"  goes with:

OP system Smartphones Tablets


Our recommendations

  • `It is a company that meets the deadlines and keeps its promises.`
    Marius Dromantas

    Marius Dromantas

    AB "Žemaitijos pienas" Director of Logistics

  • `When I arrived in the office in 2002, on my first working day with the Viciunai Group, I found Aivar Merisalu was already there.Long-term cooperation continues today. Merisoft-everything just works! `
    Urmas Karnö

    Urmas Karnö

    OÜ "VIČIUNAI BALTIC" Managing director

  • `Merisoft - reasonable pricing.Support is always handy and urgent.`
    Jano Järvelaid

    Jano Järvelaid

    As "Kalev" IT systems mainadministrator

  • `There is no problem without a solutions. I am satisfied with the company`s attitude and the way they communicate with the customers. They are flexible, friendly and creative.`
    Merle Peters

    Merle Peters

    AS "Paletti Eesti" Sales director