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Warehouse control is a one of the most important activities in the supply chain. Based on the logistics experts estimate ~ 20% of the demand is fulfilled properly. Companies must be able to provide the right products at the right place at the right time.
Paperfree stock gives the warehouse the precision and clarity, that is essential for both - serving clients and planning purchases.
Warehouse solution allows  to organize the work of aligning resources, workforce optimization,  it is also a basis for company`s assets evaluation and  correct bookkeeping.

" The Warehouse" system has:


  • reading and scanning of the units, packages, boxes, palettes
  • scanning of the unidentified items
  • inventory of closed / open *
  • scanned goods report
  • "Shooter" - scanning of each and every single unit

            *Open- current stock is shown on device

Product move

  • movement of goods between warehouses and racks
  • reading by different measurements
  • premises, rack, shelf identification

Product picking      

  • picking by locations
  • picking of multiple orders at the same time
  • the ability to change quantity and products on order 

Product income

  •  fixing the quantity of income and locating it in the warehouse


  • loading of assembled orders for transportation


Data transfer:

Data is transmitted in XML, CSV or TXT formats


Hardware requirements:

Data logger (hand terminal) with built-in bar code reader and wireless communication module.

OP system WIN CE   Memory 64 mb   Wireless internet 


Our recommendations

  • `It is a company that meets the deadlines and keeps its promises.`
    Marius Dromantas

    Marius Dromantas

    AB "Žemaitijos pienas" Director of Logistics

  • `When I arrived in the office in 2002, on my first working day with the Viciunai Group, I found Aivar Merisalu was already there.Long-term cooperation continues today. Merisoft-everything just works! `
    Urmas Karnö

    Urmas Karnö

    OÜ "VIČIUNAI BALTIC" Managing director

  • `Merisoft - reasonable pricing.Support is always handy and urgent.`
    Jano Järvelaid

    Jano Järvelaid

    As "Kalev" IT systems mainadministrator

  • `There is no problem without a solutions. I am satisfied with the company`s attitude and the way they communicate with the customers. They are flexible, friendly and creative.`
    Merle Peters

    Merle Peters

    AS "Paletti Eesti" Sales director